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A world premiere by Rose Lewenstein


Orange Tree Theatre

1st February 2019-2nd March 2019


Nominated for Two Off West End Awards

Best New Play: Rose Lewenstein | Best Director: Chelsea Walker


We’re in a hotel. We’re always in a hotel. And each room is exactly the same as the last room, and the one before that, and the one before that…

Leila wants to inspire global change. John needs to get his shit together.

They have an arrangement. But managing an affair isn’t easy when the world around you is falling apart.

A new play about what – and who – we consume.

Just promise me you won’t, You know, Fall in love.


Direction. Chelsea Walker

Design. Rosanna Vize

Lighting Design. Jess Bernberg

Composition & Sound Design. Alexandra Faye Braithwaite

Movement. Shelley Maxwell

Casting. Annelie Powell


Cast - Mike Noble, Charlotte Randle

Photo Credit : Richard Lakos

“A series of impressionistic snapshots… both visceral and disturbing.” The Guardian
“Sex, love, power and climate change make for a heady, disorientating cocktail… the tale of two people who devour each other in a world that is devouring itself” WhatsOnStage
“The play is a powerful dissection of how we live today that raises many questions about individual responsibility in an increasingly complex world....” Exeunt
“Chelsea Walker’s tight, focused direction… There’s a lot of meaty stuff here – like the apathy, waste and hypocrisy of humans and corporations and how these things impact interpersonal affairs.” The Stage
“a whip-smart production by Chelsea Walker…” Boycotting Trends
“Chelsea Walker’s razor-sharp direction” The Daily Express
“Illicit, dangerous, predatory“ The Gizzle
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