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A world premiere by Isley Lynn

Tristan Bates Theatre

February 2013



Tessa is home. Unannounced. Michael has stopped eating again. She makes a deal with him - she'll stay, but eat only what he eats. Michael, however, plays by his own rules.
A brave, boldly original and unashamedly frank insight into a couple's battle with anorexia and each other.



Direction. Chelsea Walker

Design. Holly Pigott

Lighting. Neill Brinkworth

Sound. Rob Donnelly Jackson

Movement. Sinead O’Keefe


Cast – Laura Hanna, Tim Dorsett

Photo Credit :  Richard Lakos

**** "Exemplary theatre at its best" London Stage
**** "Brave and faultless performances" Everything Theatre
**** "A brutal emotional standoff" Exeunt
"A compelling portrait of male anorexia" The Telegraph
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