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A world premiere by Georgia Christou


Hampstead Theatre

18th January-24th February 2018



Fifteen year old Billie has lived with her Dad in their little flat for as long as she can remember, but all that’s about to change. She’s got big plans - get Dad a job, sort out her grades, and live in a house with five bathrooms.

But one reckless night threatens to undo all her hard work and derail her ambitions…When it’s always been just the two of you, how easy is it to get out, or to let anyone else in?

Georgia Christou’s debut play is a moving portrayal of the conflict between personal aspiration and familial responsibility, and what happens when those you should depend on need you more than you need them.



Direction. Chelsea Walker

Design. Rosanna Vize

Lighting. Jamie Platt

Sound Design. George Dennis.

Cast – Shannon Tarbet, Leah Harvey, Ali Barouti, Joseph Thompson

Photo Credit : Robert Day

**** ‘A sparky, highly promising play’ The Guardian
**** ‘Chelsea Walker’s tightly controlled production’ The Evening Standard
**** ‘Nuanced, careful direction from Chelsea Walker’ The Stage
**** ‘Compact, tight and refined… For a play that is intensely realistic, the visual style emphasises the underlying artistry neatly.' Whatsonstage
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